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Twilight Struggle

A truly epic game taking players from the onset of the Cold War in 1945, to it’s inevitable conclusion in 1989, with the falling of the Berlin Wall.

Not unlike other strategy and resource games, (like Le Havre), game-play is focused on assigning key resources, and developing strategies over the course of the game. In short, this game is a monster.

There are game pieces and cards aplenty, and each player controls a super-power in this race for global dominance. Secure allies, trade-routes and borders whilst walking the fine line trying to avoid game-ending nuclear war. A multi-multi award winner, this game is educational, intense and wildly good fun.

Game Designer: Ananda Gupta, Jason Matthews

Game Publisher: GMT Games

Date Published: 2005

Playing Time: 180 mins

Category: War Games/ Political

2005 produced one of the most outstanding games of all time in the form of the outrageously in-depth game, Twilight Struggle.

The stage: Global.

The players: World super-powers.

The stakes: The future of humanity.

This is the game of the Cold War, which smouldered behind the scenes of history for forty five years, from 1945 to 1989, when the US emerged as apparently the sole victor. In this game, you will find yourself marshaling your forces and your resources for a struggle that encompasses the whole world.

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Twilight Struggle Board PiecesYour success or failure rests on your ability to form alliances, to secure trade routes and key military installations. It’s a game of political brinkmanship and battle strategy. The threat of a game-ending nuclear war remains a possibility throughout, although fortunately, the only thing that will be over in that eventuality is your current game.

It’s brilliantly thought out and wonderfully executed. This game won so many awards when it first came out, and that’s because it really is a belter. Despite its massive scope, this game is a quick-starter, with a pretty straight-forward rule-system that allows you to get stuck in without spending hours poring over the rulebook.

The game progresses in turns that are a few years in length, as you position your forces and try to gradually assert your dominance over the global game board. The game cards cover a massive range of real-life historical events, recreating the feeling and tensions of those years as you progress through the game. It’s a history lesson, a strategy game and a great exercise in resource management all rolled into one.

The Deluxe Edition of this game is now available, which includes a number of small improvements to the playing counters and the cards, but the essential mechanics of the game remain unchanged, which is good because they work just fine.

Games are not short, though, as you might imagine, with a long one amongst seasoned players lasting upwards of three hours. Perfect for a rainy afternoon. As you might imagine, the adult themes of this game – politics, world-history – mean it is not really suitable for under-14s.

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