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First and foremost, this game is just beautifully presented. Everything has a great feel, like it’s made out of good materials, and the manufacture has not been rushed and corners cut. It’s from a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I must say I do love Kickstarter for the amount of new games that come out of it.

Meant for ages 8 and above, but potentially playable by a lively six year old, The Duke is not unlike chess. However, the board is a little smaller, and games will take up to half an hour at the most. Most games will be done in fifteen mins. It’s beautifully made, and surprisingly quick to learn. It has a great Medieval feel, and there is much here to reward the serious gamer.

Game Designer: Jeremy Holcomb, Steven McLaughlin

Game Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs

Date Published: 2013

Playing Time: 30 mins

Category: Strategy/Medieval/Under 30 mins

the duke game pieces

Unlike chess however, you can have a quick round of this game and be done in under thirty mins. There is a nice mixture of skill and chance, in that you can get better at this game by learning the moves of all the pieces, but there is still an element of chance with new play tiles being drawn from a bag like in Scrabble.

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The game is played on a 6×6 grid, which seems pretty small to those used to Chess or Othello, but actually, this helps to keep the game in interesting. There is plenty of room to manoeuvre. Each playing piece is a two-sided tile, with one type of move on one side and another on the other. Once a tile is moved, it flips over so that it will perform a different move on the next go.

It is this dual nature of each piece that really gives The Duke it’s edge. It seems on the face of it, more complicated than Chess, but since the move of the piece is literally drawn on the tile, it is quite accessible to youngsters, and there is not a great deal of explaining needed – the move is on the tile!

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Easy to get into it may be, but you will have a job exhausting all the possibilities of this game – they are limitless. Not only that, you can introduce terrain tiles into the game to spice things up, and there are several different game modes to try. This game won a Mensa Award, not unreasonably. It’s a lot like Chess, only a bit more accessible and with quicker games. Brilliant stuff.

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