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Seriously, if you’ve never heard of Stratego then where have you been living all these years? Perhaps it’s time for a break from the old goggle box and for a jaunt into the 18th Century based strategy classic that is Stratego.

Stratego Game Baord and PiecesIt’s a game that can be played by anyone from age 8 to 80, as they say. There are forty pieces and a board that serves as your battleground. It’s a game of bluff and cold-blooded strategy. You deploy your pieces at the start of the game, but only you know the values of each of those pieces. Naturally, there is a hierarchy; stronger pieces take weaker pieces, but there is also the matter of the bombs. You have six of these to deploy through the game, and they destroy anything that attacks them, apart from “Miner” who can disarm bombs.

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Your most important piece is your flag – if either of you captures your opponent’s flag you win. You must set up your battle ranks in a way that will protect your flag, and also give your various troops the opportunity to move across the board and scout enemy positions, and capture their flag.

You’ll need sharp wits, a good memory, and more than a little imagination to take down your opponent. It’s a wildly satisfying game, with each playing piece having its own personal character and strengths or weaknesses. Most pieces can only move one space at a time, except your scouts, who can sneak all the way into enemy territory if they have a clear run ahead of them. Of course, this will alert your opponent to the value of that piece so that such runs may be suicide missions – make sure you use them to find out what you really need to know before they get captured.

Every game is different, and beginners can also play with fewer pieces if they want to ease themselves into it. This game has been around for many years and will continue to be popular for many years to come thanks to its addictive game-play and its capacity to really make you think.

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