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It may sound a little strange at first, but this game is literally about making a Patchwork quilt! Two players compete to create the highest-scoring, and most aesthetically pleasing quilt you can, in this great rapid-fire little number that will have you hooked from the first play. Goodness knows how they came up with this one. It’s like if Tetris were re-designed by a quilt-making enthusiast. Don’t let the strange concept put you off – and anyway if you still think quilts are too girly you should wake up and realise this is the 21st Century! You can blast through a few games in no time, making it a great one for best of threes or fives. You have to marshal both your buttons, with which you buy pieces of quilt, and your time – each piece has a time value too. Just a quality game in all respects.

Game Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Game Publisher: Mayfair

Date Published: 2014

Playing Time: 15-30 mins

Category: Strategy/Abstract/Under 30 mins

This is a truly ingeniously conceived little game. As the name might suggest, the aim of the game is actually to build a patchwork quilt faster than your opponent, and whilst scoring more points. The game uses ‘buttons’ as currency and with these, you purchase pieces of differently shaped pieces of material which you then arrange on your quilt board.

Each piece has a different value in buttons, and also is worth a certain amount on the time-board. You each have a counter on thispatchwork-game-pieces board and once you get to the centre of that board you can no longer add to your quilt, and once both players reach there the game is over and it’s time to add up your scores.

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Once the game is done you add up the points from your quilts, losing points if there are any spaces, and gaining points if you have certain special pieces in your quilt. This is an elegantly designed and essentially beautiful little game. I say little because games can take as little as fifteen minutes so you can rock through several rounds of it in one sitting.

It’s a game of skill with a nice element of randomness to keep things interesting. You get ‘paid’ in buttons to the value of the buttons depicted on the pieces you already have on your game board. You can rotate each of the pieces of material before you place them on your board, just like in Tetris, but you cannot move them once you have placed them. There are a number of bonus 1×1 patches that can be claimed throughout the game – essential for making a perfect Patchwork.

There is a final, Bingo element of a bonus patch for completing a 7×7 square on your board, but obviously, this doesn’t happen every game. There’s a really great level of difficulty to this game so that you really do feel like the Gods of Game are on your side when you make a perfect quilt. Who’d have thought quilt-making could be so much fun?

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