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Memoir ’44 has fast become the last word in historically-accurate but still immensely playable war-games.

It’s WWII and the Allies are locked in a titanic struggle with an implacable enemy. You can play out over 15 different scenarios – key battles fmemoir 44 cards (1)rom the epic conflict.

This game is just beautifully designed. The designer, Richard Borg, has a real passion for these events that shaped the modern world, and as much as anything else, this game is about learning about this things as much as it is about having a great strategic battle game.

The mechanics are nice and simple, but that is what makes the game so great. If you really take to this game, and many do, there are now lots of expansion packs available so that you can expand your gameplay to dizzying varieties of the various theaters of war from the past.

Game Designer: Richard Borg

Game Publisher: Days of Wonder

Date Published: 2004

Playing Time: 30-60 mins

Category: War Games/Games with Cards

Prepare yourself for some epically immersive game-play in this stone-cold classic game that revisits key scenarios in that most terrifying theater of war the world has ever seen: World War II. There’s no going back for either player, everything depends on you, there’s only one option – victory at any cost.

This is a card-driven game, using the Command and Colours gaming system – a system so simple and versatile that it has given birth to a whole generation of war games from across the ages. This is arguably the definitive game, but there are numerous expansion packs available to take in the Pacific theatre, the Mediterranean theater and so on.memoir 44 board (1)

The many scenarios are all based on real battles, real encounters during the course of the war. Like all great games, this game encourages you, nay, impels you to learn about the events that you are playing out. Each scenario is tactically weighted in one way or another, be it the positioning and possible deployment of troops, the terrain, or the resources each player has at his or her command.

Although this is a two-player game, it is infinitely expandable to include multiple ‘generals’, and even the basic game really lends itself to team play. Games, surprisingly, only last for around an hour, so it is quite feasible to have a sequence of matches and play on opposite sides to really get the full experience of each scenario in one sitting.

Don’t let the price tag put you off – you get what you pay for. This game is lovingly designed, sturdily crafted and built to last. It is meant to be a teaching tool as much as anything else since the designer is passionate about making these opaque historical scenarios accessible to everyone to learn about how the modern world was born.

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