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Magic: The Gathering is the original Collectible Card Game, creating and defining what has become an entire genre of games in its own right.

Since its release in 1993, the game has been updated and expanded so that there are now a whopping 17,000 collectible cards available to make up a player’s deck.

You play a ‘planeswalker’ – a wizard who has a variety of magical defences, traps and attacks – these are the cards in your deck.

Two players, each either with a startup deck or their own customised decks battle it out to see who is the most baddass wizard. The cards are universally beautifully illustrated, and gameplay is wildly addictive, particularly once you get to the stage where you are building your own deck from scratch.

Game Designer: Richard Garfield

Game Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Date Published: 1993

Playing Time: 20 mins

Category: Games with Cards/Under 30 Mins/Wizardry

Since its release in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has gone on to become exceptionally popular all across the world. The game-play itself is relatively straightforward, inasmuch as each player simply has a deck of cards which represent all the tricks and spells and summonings your wizard has at his or her disposal.

The aim of the game is simply to reduce your opponent’s Life to zero using cards randomly drawn from your pre-selected deck. Cards are designated as common, uncommon, rare and mythic rare, and naturally have a wide range of outlandish powers and plays associated with each card.

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As any regular Magic player will attest, from this simple play formula is born a strategy game that is both arcane and mystical, and downright awesome. The real fun to be had from the game is in customising your deck, adding or dropping cards as you acquire new and more rare abilities. Since your decks are entirely customisable, this means that a more advanced player can select a weaker deck for themselves in order to have a half-decent game with a newbie.

I can recommend getting the starter packs that include a guide on how to build your deck. I’ve linked below to the most popular starter pack – the deck builder’s toolkit – which gives you everything you need to start playing and building your decks.

Each card has its own weaknesses as well as strengths, and just because it is mythic rare does not mean that clever use of a common card might not be enough to render it useless in a given game.

It’s hard to describe a game so complex in just a few short paragraphs. The fact that this game now has over 17,000 different cards available means that Magic: The Gathering is a pretty deep well, and you can quickly change up your entire playing experience just by buying yourself a new deck. Beware, this game causes obsessions. Remember though, that this game also makes you smarter. Much as it may have once been seen as something nerdy, the collectible card games has armies fans and aficionados all over the world. Don’t be afraid. Join us!

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