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Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Review article

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

This is the updated version of the LOTR game of the same name, and it has already earned its stripes as a classic of the genre.

The story you probably know by now – the free peoples of Middle Earth must destroy the One Ring forged by Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom.

The forces of Sauron must stop them at any cost.

It’s gardening, beer-swilling, singing Hobbits, tough and boisterous dwarves, eldritch Elven Warriors and the warriors of the Dunedain against the hordes of darkness. Orcs, Trolls, nameless horrors of every stripe battling it out in a game of bluff and deduction on a beautifully designed board with stunning artwork throughout. This is a great way to really get inside everyone’s favourite fantasy story.

Games are pretty fast paced, meaning you can play again and again, and there is more than enough variation to keep you coming back for more. A real winner.

Game Designer: Reiner Knizia, Eric M. Lang, Christian T. Petersen

Game Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Date Published: 2005

Playing Time: 30 mins

Category: Deduction/Wizardry/Under 30 mins

This game is a mixture of bluff, and deduction, with a healthy dose of action thrown in for good measure.

It’s just beautifully designed, as you might expect from this mighty franchise.

lord of the rings boardThis updated deluxe version has a number of really great improvements on the original game, including eighteen new characters to play with. If you played the original, you’ll love this, since there are now completely different scenarios available, as well as those that use a blending of the original characters and the new ones.

It’s an asymmetrical game, meaning the forces of darkness have different powers and capabilities to the good guys, so it’s already a 2 for 1 because you can switch teams for a whole new experience.

Games are simple to set up, easy to play, and you can get through a game in just thirty minutes. This game is worth getting if you enjoyed its original incarnation, and worth getting even if you never played the first one. It’s a fast-paced strategic action thriller that really takes you into the heart of Mordor.


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As an avid reader, I would place Lord of the Rings pretty high on my most enjoyable reading experiences ever. The point when Frodo is actually in Mordor is just heart-stoppingly good. You really feel at that point like you have been through the mill with him and Sam, and the task actually seems to be getting harder the closer they get to completing it.

Actually, this game does a fabulous job of capturing pretty much the whole story, except you decide how it’s gonna turn out.¬†lord of the rings cards

Of course, your enjoyment may well be heightened if you have read the books, but perhaps even more so if this is your first experience of Middle Earth, because this is one franchise spin-off game that holds its own, regardless of the fact that it is re-telling a time-tested classic tale of good and evil.

It’s fair to say that modern table-top gaming would not exist if it weren’t for The Lord of the Rings, and so this game has a lot to live up to, and it just does.

I think it’s to do with how much respect everybody has for the story and the universe Tolkien created. Second best would never be good enough, and sure enough, this game would happily slot into the top flight of the best games ever made. Fabulous.

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