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LE Havre Inland Port Review

Le Havre: Inland Port

Le Havre is a commerce and manufacturing game.

Not recommended for under thirteens, since the game is quite complicated and possibly might seem a little boring to anyone under that age.

Players compete to become the richest and most successful harbourmaster in the busy port of Le Havre. It’s all about marshalling your resources. After twelve rounds of play, the each players assets are counted up and the winner is the one with the most dough, filthy lucre…. MONEY!!

Game Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Game Publisher: Lookout, Z-Man

Date Published: 2012

Playing Time: 30 mins

Category: Strategy/Economic/Industry/Under 30 mins

This is the two player edition of the massively awesome, full-size Le Havre. The principles of the game remain broadly the same, but games with two players only take about a half hour. The game is played in rounds, and after twelve rounds the players add up their respective scores and discover who is the champion harbourmaster of Le Havre.

This is like Monopoly on steroids, and to be fair, it’s not just that Le Havre is a more muscular version of Monopoly, it’s Monopoly with a brain too. With each successive round, new buildings come on the market. The players have the option of setting aside resources to build new buildings or using the ones they already have to multiply their resources.

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Le Havre Board and PiecesIt’s a balancing act. Everything you do costs resources, and it’s up to you to make sure the resources you invest are put to good use. You can use your own buildings to increase your wealth, or your opponent’s – for a price of course! Unused warehouse space becomes steadily more valuable, but if the building goes unused for too long, it is sold off at half-price.

You need to make sure your warehouses are ready to take the goods when they arrive in port. You must ensure that the goods get processed efficiently, and in a way that brings you maximum return on your investment. It’s Economics 101; only it’s great fun.

The system of accounting and keeping track of the status of your assets is ingenious, and this game will keep you coming back for more. There’s a hefty dose of strategy in amongst all the number crunching and goods processing. You also get a great many counters and coins and parts to the game, which is great if you like that kind of thing, which I do. It’s an award-winning game, and you can see why. It’s a great opportunity to chat through the general principles of economic strategising, with a little history and geography thrown in. Brilliant!

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