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Elementos is a completely portable, quick-fire game of strategy with a hint of wizardry.

You control three elements, and must place your counters on the board according to their properties. Each elemental tile has a reverse side with a different element. So you can turn the tables on your opponent and launch hidden strategies.

One of your tiles must carry your wizard’s wand to the other side of the board – in which case you win!

Game Designer: Sharon Katz

Game Publisher: Tyto Games

Date Published: 2015

Playing Time: 15 mins

Category: Strategy/Wizardry/Under 30 mins

Elementos is another board game to come out of the Kickstarter website. It seems that Kickstarter is particularly suited to launching games of this kind. Your game board is 3×8, which is only pretty small, but that’s why the whole game is portable, and you can have a quick game in under 15 minutes.

Elementos for kids and adultsAll this makes Elementos an excellent traveling companion. It’s suitable for seven years and older, but a savvy six-year-old would have no trouble with it. The pieces are all wooden and very pleasing to the touch, with the designs silk-screened on. As far as the counters go, those designs designate the element to which each piece belongs.

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There are three elements, which give the game its name, and it’s not unlike a rock-paper-scissors game with fire beating tree, tree beating water, and water beating fire, naturally. You move your counters, and engage your opponent using your elemental tiles.

However, each tile has a different element on the reverse, which only you know, which means you can do the ol’-switcheroo on your opponent, and change up your element to foil their attacks or launch one of your own.

The object of the game is to transfer the final and most important playing piece of the game – your wand – across the board on the back of your tiles.

This is a quick-fire game that easily lends itself to best-of-threes or fives.

The basic fire-water-tree game is turned into a wicked strategical encounter by virtue of the quest to get your wand to the opposite end of the board, and by the fact that you can flip your tiles to reveal another element.

It’s a basic introduction to more interesting concepts, like those of Chinese medicine, which is based on five elements. This gives the game a nice wizardy-feel, and a gentle introduction to the idea that everything and everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but it’s in how those things are handled that the game is really played.

It’s easy to learn, but has real depth – great fun for adults and kids to play together.

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