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Dreadball Xtreme

This is an updated and revised version of the brutal Sci Fi Sports classic rom 2012, Dreadball: The Futuristic Sports game.

It is fullly compatible with that version of the game, but you can play with just this version – it’s a standalone game. This new edition has been somewhat streamlined – the games take less time on average, and referees have been removed – making this game hit harder and finish faster.

The centrepiece of the game is the ultra violent ball game, Dreadball, and you play this out with an impressive array of dice and beautifully designed miniatyures on a a fully customisable game board.

This game integrates with other games in the Dreadball series, meaning you can really customise your game. Also, this version of the game allows you to play as a game sponsor, the shadowy figures who organise the games – this means you can customise your team to your heart’s content.

A great game for ages fourteen and up, but a precocious 10 year old will probably have no problem with it. Pretty complex to get started with, but, like many games of this type, well worth the effort.

Game Designer: Jake Thornton

Game Publisher: Mantic Games

Date Published: 2015

Playing Time: 45 mins

Category: Science Fiction/Sports/With Miniatures

With perhaps a little nod to the Amiga/Atari ST Bitmap Brothers classic Speedball 2, this is a brutal futuristic sports game set in a dog-eat-dog alternative dystopian future. The game comes with an array of fabulously designed miniatures for you to paint yourself. The extensive manual is full of ideas of how to colour your players, and you can make your playing pieces look exactly the way you want them to.

Dreadball Xtreme Board and PiecesGameplay is centred around the futuristic ball game itself, with there also being the ‘sub’ games of the transfer market, the betting and the intimidation that occurs behind the scenes. Unlike the slightly earlier version of the game from 2012, this game has no referees, so what was already an ultra-violent festival of brutality is now even more so. This means the games are quicker and dirty tactics are positively encouraged.

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Strategy plays a big part, obviously, but it is only right that since this is a ball game, albeit a wildly futuristic one, that a large part of the game is chance. You have a grand total of fourteen dice to play with, coloured red, white or blue depending on what you are rolling for. The manual also tells dreadball xtreme playing cardsyou how to set up a league, so that you can run lengthy Dreadball seasons, with no victory or defeat being forgotten, but instead carried forward as part of a whole league championship campaign.

It is this aspect of Dreadball that really helps to give the game its staying power. Get a few other folks involved, and you can make your regular sessions even more fraught with tension because they are part of a bigger story than just that one evening’s play. With new expansion packs coming out, and the fact that you can use some of the original Dreadball miniatures and features in this game, you know that it will be around for a while, and there’s depth and depth and depth to it.

Recommended for ages fourteen and up, but if you have time and patience, then it might still be playable by someone younger. Parental discretion is advised since the game is pretty brutal! Love it.

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