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Bottom of the Ninth

A nice little dice and card game simulating the very last few plays of a baseball game.

It’s a game of skill and bluff and counter bluff, with the element of chance from the dice being offset by the various skill levels of your team players.

This game will scratch your baseball itch in under twenty minutes! You can get expansion packs for this game which are pretty useful, since otherwise you may find yourself re-using the same strategies over and over again – not unlike a real baseball team!

A surprisingly good simulator.

Game Designer: Darell Louder, Mike Mullins

Game Publisher: Great Than Games

Date Published: 2015

Playing Time: 20 mins

Category: Sports/Games with Cards/Under 30 Mins

If you don’t already know what the name of this game means, this probably isn’t the game for you. In case you’ve been living in a cave on Mars, ‘Bottom of the Ninth’ refers to a period right at the end of a baseball game – the end of the ninth innings. This game pits two players as the two opposing teams, who have, at this last twilight hour of the game, both got everything to play for.

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It’s pretty rapid-fire stuff, which strangely makes for an excellent alternative to an entire baseball game. Alright, there isn’t the thrill of the stadium and the crowd and all that, but the fact that you are in the bottom of the ninth, having to use all your skill and judgement to bring out the strengths of each of your players to beat your opponent, makes it a great simulation. This feels like really high stakes stuff, and you can make your own hot dogs if you want. 🙂

Games take only about twenty minutes, and the game uses a system based on player cards (each player has his own selection of strengths and weaknesses) and dice, to bring in the element of chance that you will find in the real game. There are expansion packs available, which is great if you really love this game, since after a few plays, you might find yourself re-using the same strategies over and over. But of course, this is not unlike real baseball either!

It’s not the deepest game ever, and if you are not already familiar with the rules of baseball, you might find that the rules area little hard to decipher at first. Once you are up and running though, games motor along nicely, and you get the real sense of actually participating in a nail-biting finish to an all time classic game of baseball.

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