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Battle Cry

This is a reasonably heavy-duty war game, in that each game takes a good couple of hours to play.

Having said that, the game mechanics are very simple and straightforward, so you can get into right away – you don’t find your first game lasting massively longer than all your subsequent games as you struggle, turn by turn to work out what the hell you are supposed to be doing.

Game pieces allow you to set up reconstructions of various historical battles, right down to the terrain and the compositions of each army. Each player gets 61 great miniatures to play with, and they help to make this a really enjoyable and atmospheric game.

Game Designer: Richard Borg

Game Publisher: Avalon Hill

Date Published: 2000

Playing Time: 120 mins

Category: War Games

Put simply, everyone should have a copy of this game.

If you have any interest in history, the mood and feel of this game are unparalleled in bringing to life the various battles of the American Civil War. Over the course of thirty different campaign scenarios, each player pits their wits and their strategic know-how against the other player, but also against the prevailing conditions of each particular battle.

battle cry board gameIt’s a big game. Each player gets sixty-one great little miniatures to deploy through the battle, and there’s a fairly straightfoward movement and engagement system which means that most of your energies can be poured into the overall experience of the game right from the start. Rather than spending the first few games getting to grips with how everything works, you can get stuck in straight away.

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There are action cards to be used throughout the game, and again, these are pretty self-explanatory. The real magic of this game comes from the fact that it really does capture the mood and feel of those bygone days. The miniatures are great and very sturdy, although the flags can be a little wayward and may need regluing, but this is a minor point.

The game system is in fact so good and versatile, that it has been adapted for use on a number of different historically-themed board games, of which Battle Cry is the first, and battle cry game figuresarguably the best. So the good news is that once you have finished all the campaigns on this game, you can splash out on the Napoleonic variation, the World War One adaptation, or even the feudal Japan game with samurai in place of your cavalry.

A great game to play a league with, and you could even expand your campaign to bring about an entire alternative version of history based on the outcomes of your battles. Great for history fans, great for wargames fans. Just great in general.

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