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This card games allows you to immerse yourselves in the world envisioned by William Gibson in his seminal work of science fiction – Neuromancer.

In this dystopian future world, the global comms networks is vital to trade on earth and throughout the solar system.

This world is governed by mega-corporations whose only real weak-spot is the fact that they too are reliant on this Communications Web. That means there are lone hackers who can amass enough skill and tech to really make a difference. That is where this high-stakes game of bluff and counter-bluff takes you as you explore all the possible story lines in such a world.

Game Designer: Richard Garfield, Lukas Litzsinger

Game Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Date Published: 2012

Playing Time: 60 mins

Category: Games with Cards/Science Fiction

“It seemed like a simple job – nothing to a hacker like him. With his tech, he could just jack right into the required systems and get the information his client required before they’d even got out of the elevator on the way out of his building. But then he noticed how thick the ICE was on an out-of-the-way data-storage system buried in deep in the code of the little provincial insurance company….

It couldn’t hurt just to have a look, right?”

NetRunner Game - Change Your RealityIn Android: Netrunner, you find yourself playing an absurdly high-stakes game of bluff and counter-bluff, playing either as a lone wolf, hacker, Netrunner, or the labyrinthine security systems of a mega-corporation trying to stop the Netrunners.

This is the re-make of a classic card game from back in old 1996. The scenario is even more believable than it was back then since we have all seen the meteoric rise of the internet since that time. Borrowing heavily from William Gibson’s seminal work of cyber-punk sci-fi, Neuromancer, in this game, everything is at stake. As the corporation player, there is the weight of untold trillions in business weighing down on your shoulders, while the runner plays this dangerous game because the world is looking too bleak to give up on, somebody’s gotta stand up to those guys.

With a new and improved backstory, and the option to expand the game with different card sets, this is a game that can provide many years of quality, thought-provoking entertainment. Games take up to an hour to complete but can be over in as little as thirty minutes. It’s a game that will keep you thinking, and keep you coming back for more.Net Runner Cards

The story brings up key issues about today’s world – data privacy, unregulated business interests, and the current storyline has a debate raging about the rights that should or should not be granted to clones.

Only really suitable for ages 14 and over, this game takes a little getting used to, as you learn the ropes, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a real gripper that will have you imagining life as if you really were a Netrunner, a fugitive from a corrupt justice, and a 9th Dan Black Belt in digital devil dodging. A classic reworking of a classic game.

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